Workshop location :

Adresse : 71 rue de Maubeuge – 75010 Paris

The Roissy airport has a very efficient direct rail link to the Gare-du-Nord, the RER B.

  • Metro stations close to the studio : Gare du Nord ( line 4, 5 or RER B  or D ) – Poisonniere ( line 7)
  • Bus line 38, 42, 43, 46
  • A taxi from CDG to Paris is a minimum of 60 euros and the rush-hour traffic jams (7-10am and 5-8pm) around Paris during the work-week can make the journey by car far longer.



Week-end sculpture classes : 2 days sculpture initiation direct plaster technique.

Short term sculpture class 6 days program. : modeling clay, molding, plaster casting sculpture, plaster craft.

Short term sculpture class 11 days program. : modeling clay, molding waste mold technique, silicone mold, plaster casting original, plaster craft.

Year long sculpture night classes. : modeling clay, molding, casting plaster, plaster craft and patine technique.