Sculpture class specialization 11 days

*A sculpture practice or prior regular artistic experience is required for this class.


Morning from 10 AM to 1 PM – afternoon from 2PM to 5 PM

Participants expand their knowledge of both traditional and contemporary sculptural practice such as modeling, molding, clay, plaster, wax, resins, silicone, composites materials etc…

The understanding of sculpture basics is addressed, while offering more technical expertise to individual art projects with museum visits.

During these 11 days you will address in depth the modeling, molding in plaster, the production of a silicone mold and the casting of a part in plaster or resin. The theory element will cover in-depth study of the language of sculpture thru’ the ages. You may choose practical program option (without museums visits)


At the end of the course each person will leave with their original piece of work, the mold and one copy (plaster or resin).

A resume of the course with photographs and technical details will be e-mailed the following week.



  • Large sculpture studio all equipment provided.
  • Individualised technical guidance. Bilingual teaching.
  • Small group 5 persons maximum.
  • Free guided Museum visits included in the sculpture program on demand.
  • The stimulating approach of this course creates a relaxed but professional atmosphere that encourages progress and creativity.

COURSE FEES : Course Fees: 1600 euros* materials included (2 week session)

*food and lodging are not provided.

  • Maximum 6 persons – all materials provided / A resume of the course with photographs and technical details will be e-mailed the following week.


Please contact us for specific calendar options.



WEEK 1 :

Modeling a piece, casting a mold, molding a plaster original out of waste mold technique.

(same schedule as 6 day course).


Silicone molding.
Silicone molding
Finish silicone mold and opening of mold and casting part.
Morning : plaster casting.
Plaster casting (copy) and  sanding and finishing the piece.